27 September, 2010

Short Intro

Someone said I sound interesting, I don't think of myself as such.

I have a lovely cat and like otaku stuff. I like the silence and I don't feel lonely.
I am apathetic, introverted and depressed, but not as result of being a recluse.
Being a recluse is a result of being apathetic, introverted and depressed.

I am a humble person with few desires.

Nice to meet you.


  1. You sound like you could do with a happy dream. I'll make you an appointment. Come see me :)

  2. But, bro, you ARE interesting.

    I find the ramblings of hikikomori to be insanely interesting. Hell, you could post about how your door seems to be creaking more than usual and I'd find it interesting.

    Have a little more faith in yourself. This is why we came together in the first place, no?

  3. Nothing wrong with being introverted, but depressed? Being depressed is like catching a cold, it comes and goes, but why be depressed when you can be, well, not depressed?

  4. I'm sure we find you interesting because we draw parallels between ourselves and you. Sure, you might sound boring to a normal person, but we live the same way, and we want to help each other. At least I do, because I know how it feels.

    Take it easy mate.

  5. Good way to put it.

  6. Cheazy, I usually am ok, but when certain things come to mind, it just hits you. When I write here, they do more often, because I think harder to say something well.

    For example, I am insecure about the future, but maybe it's more of a scary, than depressing feeling.